Monday, November 18, 2019

TMA02 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

TMA02 - Essay Example The propaganda of the Reformation started through Lucas Cranach also known as the Elder who is one of Martin Luther’s closest friends and also a publicist of some sort considering the era. He published a pamphlet with 26 woodcuts an illustrated Passional Christi and Antichristi that each had comments written by Philip Melanchton. It was an attack on the pope which identifies the pope as an Antichrist and contrasts it to the true Christ. It had since become a popular antipapal document which was reprinted a number of times with different editions. An example of this image depicts Christ driving out the greedy from the church on the left while on the right is an image of the Antichrist seated in a throne with opulent jewelry together with bishops and cardinals offering various extravagances for his desire (last name author year, pp. 18-19). It is one the Reformation’s greatest weapon that its main catalyst, Martin Luther, was adept in writing and communicating with the common people. Although he was already excommunicated in October of 1529, he still enjoyed freedom because of Frederick the Wise’s patronage. His pamphlets originally written in German allowed for his ideas to be expressed clearly to the readers while they are simultaneously being entertained. The lectures and sermons which he has authored became very popular and boundless in terms of societal status. He continued to preach and deliver sermons amidst all his works. Another action that the Reformists took which contributed to their success includes their use of the vernacular during their sermons for the people to better understand their ideas. These men were also defied authorities when some of them had a knack for translating the bible in their own languages. This was something unprecedented as the Latin form was the sole language of the r eligion. This is founded on their belief that their

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