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The context in which health and social care managers operate is as Outline

The context in which health and social care managers operate is as important as the decisions they make. Discuss this in relatio - Outline Example The case has provided supporting literature regarding social worker’s key concerns. Social worker Social workers are the people who have the obligation to assist people in adjusting to complications and problems in their lives like illness, child abuse, job hunt, mental illness, handicaps and any sort of anti-social behavior.  The main duty and responsibility of the social workers is to help people in their problems, provide counseling and linking their problem with the rules and policies of the state. The most important concern for the social worker is to provide a healthy and safe environment to the children as they are the future prospect of the state (Firestone, 2002). Baby P case There are a number of cases where social and health mangers have not delivered their duties properly and the victims of social crime had to suffer a lot. One of such cases is of â€Å"Baby P case†, which is also known as â€Å"Baby Peter case†. The case revolves around a 17 months old boy, who was killed due to the negligence of a social worker. The summary of this case is that baby Peter was abused and beaten to death by his step-father. Although, his stepfather and mother were arrested a number of times, in the mean time Peter was kept in care by a health care provider, but was later given back to the parents. Just a few days before Peter’s death, the social worker missed the injuries on his face and hands. The boy was found dead in his cot with his spine broken and severe bruises all over the body. Peter’s mother and his step father were jailed for several years. Moreover, the social worker and 3 mangers from Haringey council and a doctor were dismissed because of neglecting their due responsibility (Fresco, 2008). Contextual Factors The underlying factors that led to Peter’s death were: (1) The irresponsibility and negligence of his mother as she left Peter unattended while staying busy in pornography; (2) The social workers who came by to check on the baby, as they had left him with his mother with a belief that his mother seems very caring; this was neglect on their behalf; (3) The doctor who, due to his negligence, while examining Peter, was unable to find the broken ribs and spine. So, everyone on their behalf neglected the poor baby, all of which led to his death. Management theories Management basically is aligning people to achieve organizational goals. The management theories help establishing a road map and linking principles and concepts for a specific purpose. The main and recent theories are Systems Approach, Contingency theory, Chaos theory, and Team Building theory. (1)System approach: It emphasizes the fact that an organization is interrelated, that its actions and decisions taken in one organizational department will affect other departments as well. (2)Contingency theory: An approach that says that every organization is different from others; it faces different situations and requires different ways for managing the situation. (3): Chaos theory: It says that some situations are uncontrollable, at times the organization gets complex and it becomes hard to maintain stability. (4)Team Building theory: The approach emphasizes building teams, maintaining quality and reducing the level of hierarchy (Robbins & Coulter 2008, pp. 35-36). Interrelationship between Management theories and social worker’s practices In Baby Peter case, the social worker’s and doctor’s conduct had an effect on the respective social service provider and the

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