Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Use of Urinary Catheters in the Nursing Field Annotated Bibliography - 11

The Use of Urinary Catheters in the Nursing Field - Annotated Bibliography Example The article provides substantial statistics on the annual estimate of patients who end up being subjected to catheters. Its objective is to evaluate the prevalence and appropriateness of the use of catheters in the region. The article is fundamental because of its ability to examine the measures that should be considered before application of unnecessary catheters to patients. The context also outlines some of the challenges that are associated with the use of these devices. NHS Choices provides readers substantial content on the reasons why catheters are used. The various types of catheters, their risks as well as giving a well-detailed explanation of how patients can learn to live adequately with such conditions.T he articles’ ability to be all inclusive of the necessary knowledge on catheters makes it stand out. The kind of content in it is of a high quality hence I chose to use it to construct a source point out of it. From this abstract, the author is revealing the fact that in health care facilities, a urinary catheter is the most common infection that is caused by the attribution of the indwelling urinary catheter. The period that is taken by the catheterization determines the significant development of the biofilm. In acute healthcare facilities, more than 50 percent of patients that are taken care of in a prolonged term is found to have acquired the bacteria. The writer suggested that this infection will reduce if the use of an indwelling catheter and if it has to be used, it has to be in a technical way. According to the abstract, it highlights that male catheterization is a skilled procedure that needs an experienced expert.

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